'Peerworking' Support - Mike Morgan - Vir Original

Wednesday 4th April 2018

The Business Clinic is absolutely fantastic. They have a unique concept in how they run their meetings which ensures that everybody is heard and everybody gets the most out of it. Each participant takes with them a talking point they wish to gain advice or an alternative view on. This is shared around the table and there are a round of questions to really get to the crux of the matter and then a round of advice / viewpoints.

There is a great mix of people that attend the meetings, offering a range of ages, disciplines and experiences; so no matter what you want to talk about you will get a lot of ideas and view points and there will always be a nugget or two that comes out of the meeting.

From a personal point of view the meeting was warm, friendly and supportive. Being in business on your own can be lonely, but everyone there can understand what it is to be in business and having a group of people who truly understand what it's like is very reassuring. I currently operate on my own, so being able to join a group such as this was amazing.

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