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Bhavick Chauhan - Pinnacle Business Management Solutions

Dear Business Clinic Team,

At the beginning of this year I was introduced to your fortnightly peer working surgeries and have not looked back since.

Having started my own business consultancy, Pinnacle Business Management Solutions, late 2016 I knew that I would benefit from start-up business support, but where to find it?

The 'peerworking' sessions are so different to anything else I've experienced but it has really helped me. The format allows you to receive help and also advise others which works really well. I always come away from them with new ideas and ways to improve my business.

One of the issue that I faced was that potential clients found it difficult to relate to the benefits of my service. Some of the advice I received was to see if I could demonstrate the benefits in terms of time and money, as that's the language that most business owners understand. So I went away and created a Productivity Calculator which converts time wasted each day into a yearly time and cost. The result are scary! I now use this tool whe speaking to potential clients which was as a direct result of the feedback from the 'peerworking' sessions.

Your Business DNA Health Check is also really helpful as it is brilliant at identifying the strengths and weakness in your business which you may not see because you are so close to it. The guys at The Business Clinic are great at providing the support to help you develop and improve your business. So I would recommend you to try a 'peerworking' session to see for yourself what it is like and to take advantage of the DNA Health Check which will form part of your business strategy and planning.

Bhavich Chauhan


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