WHY Workshop - John Fergie - Lancashire County Council

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I met Carmen Parkinson and attended a workshop at the Business Clinic in the lead-up to my redundancy in March 2016. Whilst I had done a lot of thinking about my future business, the meeting and workshop really focused my thoughts and gave me confidence that I had skills to sell.

Of particular use were their suggestions to draft a business plan and an action plan. It seemed alien to me to write about myself and my thoughts but the business plan provided me with clarity about the direction of the business and my expectations. The action plan set out the things that I needed to think about and put in place both before and after I launched myself into the scary world outside LCC (e.g. insurances, business cards, following up contacts). I would not have done these things without the input from The Business Clinic.

So far, things have gone really well. I have had much more work than I expected (or intended) to have and mostly it has come to me rather than me having to seek it out (the benefit of those contacts).

The Business Clinic team convinced me that there is as much talent and capability at LCC as there is in the commercial world and, having worked with many people there, I know that to be true.


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