How Can The Business Clinic Help You?

Training – developing you or your people

We deliver our specially created training and development programmes tailored to your needs, enhancing your communication skills and boosting your bottom line.

Strategic Growth - business strategy to develop your business

We work with you to develop a strategy for your business and how to successfully deliver it.

Franchising -  As a route to grow or owning a business

Our fully independent and honest franchising advice supports individuals and business owners looking to move into this successful and growing market.

Peerworking – developing ideas

Sharing expertise, knowledge, ideas and experience of people across a range of businesses in a friendly, informal and confidential setting.

Mentoring -  Bespoke mentoring for business owners as well as funded support

We support you through a structured process using the knowledge and experience of a business owner who has proven track record.

Routes to funding – allowing you to grow

Obtaining adequate or suitable business funding can be frustrating, time consuming or sometimes feels just downright impossible, but The Business Clinic can help.


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