Business Plans 

"If you fail to plan, your are planning to fail!"business plan 1

Benjamin Franklin as far back as the 1700's understood the value of planning and never has this been more important than it is now, particularly for business owners facing increasing competition and savvy customers expecting much more than just great customer service.

The Business Clinic Organisation delivers the strategy, skills and support you need to create healthier profits and one such support function is the creation of a viable business plan.

Weather you require a plan to apply for funding, assist with growth and expansion, create a marketing strategy or indeed incorporate each of these elements, we can help. 

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Big data gives financial services companies a leg up on the competition 1816 40151569 0 14133292 500 500x288Cash Flow Forecast Plans

It is often said that "cash is king" but you can get into a right royal mess when it comes to accurate sales and cash flow forecasting!

This is an area in which The Business Clinic Organisation can help to create healthier profits for YOUR business.

Weather you need help in creating a realistic forecast, or have no idea at all where to start, let our experts guide you every step of the way.

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The Numbers

Business Plan £350 +VAT
Cash Flow Forecast £350+VAT
Both of these services together £600+VAT

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