MAP Business Development Programme ®

‘We deliver our specially created training and development programme tailored to your needs, enhancing your communication skills and boosting your bottom line’.

It will help you to:Low res MAP

• Secure, retain and develop business opportunities
• Ask value driven questions
• Deliver a professional presentation
• Understand how to present the benefits of your product or service to customers
• Promote you and your services more effectively

You do not have to be in sales to benefit from our complete coaching programme.

This is much more than sales training – but do not take our word for it... read what Matthew says here

The numbers

3 day programme for an investment of


Business Practitioner £1295 +VAT
Non-Practitioner  £1595 +VAT


Tis price is per candidate and includes psychometric assessment reports and review for each.

We can make an appointment today to discuss your company needs.

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