The Business MAP incorporating the message builder workshop

‘We deliver our specially created training and development programme tailored to your needs, to assist with the mapping and attainment of healthier profits’.

It will help you to:

• Understand how to present the benefits of your product or service to customers
• Know your financials in and out
• Promote you and your services more effectively
• Explore and innovate successful sales and marketing techniques
• Ensure your control process are robust
• MAP out your strategy and plan
• Develop monitoring process to ensure healthier profits


The right message – in the right place – at the right time will unlock new business and increase sales. It will connect you with your customers and be your key to success.

It will help you to:

• Shape or create your overall marketing message
• Set or clarify your key messages
• Set or clarify your product or service descriptions
• Develop a clear, powerful and positive picture of your organisation
• Connect you with your customers
• Develop a successful strategy

The numbers

A 6 month programme for an investment of:


Business Practitioners £2900 + VAT
Non-practitioners £3100 + VAT


For 2 people per organisation, including The Business DNA Health Check, psychometric assessment reports and end of programme review.

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