Business DNA Health Check

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Is your business as healthy as it could be?

Do you want healthier profits?

Your Business DNA Health Check will:

• Identify opportunities and areas for development
• Give you an objective view
• Form an important part of your strategy and business planning

How it works:

• One-to-one consultation with a business expert who will undergo an in-depth analysis of the vital elements of your business
• A series of finely honed questions designed to examine any aspect of your business
• A follow-up meeting to discuss your future plan, business development and a bespoke DNA report of your business with recommendations and diagnosis to achieve your objectives

The Numbers

Business DNA Health Checks are available at a cost of £250 + VAT.

This includes a one-to-one consultation and a further follow-up meeting to discuss your bespoke DNA report and our recommendations. The report is yours to keep for use within your business ongoing.

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