Busting through the Jargon of Business Banking

By Helen Livesey

The Business Clinic opened its doors in April once again for their regular monthly clinic. Local “celebrity” Kirsty Cockcroft hosted the event for an audience of more than twenty local business owners.

One such surprising tip was that visiting comparison quote websites can damage your credit rating ....who knew!
It helps to have four or more credit accounts as this demonstrates your ability to manage finance.

Did you know as CIC or Charity you can receive free business banking for life?

Did you also know that your personal credit file is updated monthly and not annually? Big brother so it seems really is watching.

Did you know it only takes 7 days to switch your personal or business account?


How great is that! Even when switching your account you may receive a free banking period.

Free banking periods are currently available for up to 25 months!

Kirsty the face of The Royal Bank of Scotland, with bill boards featuring Kirsty nationally. Deservedly so, as Kirsty is passionate about providing the right support and accounts for personal and business customers. Kirsty has a wealth of experience on choosing the right service and support for businesses through to unlocking access to the right funding options.

Kirsty also meets with her customers personally, often travelling out to visit them as she understands just how busy her clients are in running their own businesses. One such client recently said of his initial meeting with her “Just what I would expect from a relationship manager...and more!”

Kirsty is the relationship manager for the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Fishergate and Kirkham branches and specialises in business banking. Kirsty has been a business manager for over 8 years and has more than 14 years experience in the banking sector. Through the bank she is involved in working with a multi million pound regional support programme for thousands of entrepreneurs in all sectors.

As a business support organisation themselves, The Business Clinic are proud to work closely with Kirsty as she brings a personal touch to the world of banking and finance. Kirsty is a regular attendee of the bi-weekly ‘peerworking’ surgeries where she shares her expertise as the Banking Consulting Practitioner with The Business Clinic.

The real message to come out of the evening was that Kirsty cares about giving the right advice to make your business banking and finance journey the correct one for you! Want to know more talk to Kirsty at The Royal Bank of Scotland and the team at The Business Clinic.


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