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By Carmen Parkinson

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This month The Business Clinic would like to welcome its newest Business Practitioner, Bhavick Chauhan of Pinnacle Business Management Solutions Ltd.
Bhavick helps his SME clients to be as efficient, competitive and profitable as possible by working smarter via the organisation of electronic documents and email. Knowing the risks that a business owner faces enables them to prepare and avoid them.
Bhavick himself has a Masters in Civil Engineering and used these skills to design roads. He was an adviser to the Minister of Transport in Qatar for over three years so pointing business owners in the right direction comes quite naturally to him.
Add to this his passion for sky diving, DIY and charity rallying and it becomes evident that Bhavick not only enjoys a challenge but enjoys supporting others.
Bhavick came to us via his internet search for start up business support and was further encouraged to get in touch by Yusuf Musa of Enterprise 4 All. Yusuf had told Bhavick of the many other entrepreneurs who had received support and mentoring from The Business Clinic and so it was that Bhavick was invited to his very first surgery. At this surgery Bhavick was to experience the power of peer support at its best. He himself had this to say about his initial meeting.
“Peerworking surgeries have been really helpful for me. It is a supportive environment which is great when you are a starting out in business on your own. It is a safe confidential environment to discuss new ideas and obtain advice. It has provided me with different points of view and peoples experiences that I have been able to apply to my own business.”
One idea that Bhavick brought for discussion was that of a productivity calculator for business. This is a free tool that allows companies to find out how much time and money is being wasted in their businesses by several factors. Direct feedback received at this first surgery gave Bhavick the information required to create this tool.  
His aim is for SME’s to utilise the calculator in order to put robust foundations into place to achieve business growth cost efficiently. He is passionate about providing these companies with the knowledge, tools and techniques that large corporate organisations utilise but without the large costs.
His regular attendance at further surgeries and clinics hosted by The Business Clinic serves to enhance his own business but also gives him the opportunity to share his own knowledge and expertise with the local business community.

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