What Does Your Brand Say About You?

By Carmen Parkinsonlogo two bw

The Business Clinic were pleased to welcome Social Media expert and trainer Dan Knowles of Mega Social as the host of their June open business clinic.

Just five years ago Dan was working in a job where new business development meant cold calling. Now less than 3% of his initial meetings come from a cold call.

He works with people to help them make the transition from traditional methods of business development and career enhancement to understanding the value of social selling, personal branding and content marketing.

As Dan says “the most important aspect of your organisation is your people. It’s their networks and their contacts that will help forward thinking organisations to prosper”. Of course many organisations say that they value their people but do they really? How many times are staff encouraged to update their business profiles, connect with others in complimentary or target market sectors, post status updates relevant to their profession? In truth most organisations either fail to understand the importance of social media and its part in today’s marketplace or are just having difficulty in knowing what to say and how to say it.

As Dan pointed out today’s business owners are living in a VUCA world! That is one that is
“Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous”. Little wonder then, that in order to truly succeed, modern and ever changing ways of communicating your message and creating awareness of your product or service must be a part of your strategy. Social media and its nuances must be explored and used to full advantage but carefully, as once it’s out there...it’s out there!

Consider how you yourself decide to make a purchase. For example do you refer to Trip Advisor before booking that hotel, do you check seller feedback before buying on EBay? Do you read product reviews on Amazon?

This process is known as “social proof” and apparently 77% of us will conduct this type of research before even speaking to a salesperson or pressing the “commit to buy” button.

Social proof comes in various guises; recommendations, stories, mutual connections, referrals, pictures, ratings/testimonials, conversations.....all of which are viewed continuously on various social media platforms.

Your personal brand has never been more important than it is now so ignoring the chance to create one, the right one, is a lost opportunity indeed.

For more information about Dan at Mega Social please click here

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