Have a Very Merry Christmas from Ladykings

By Adele King of Ladykings Locksmiths

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At Ladykings Locksmiths we don’t see why we have to wait until Christmas to give a gift!

That is why we are offering a FREE no obligation security review to the whole for December and January. All you need to do is contact Adele on 07427 296 890.

Now while that may not sound like something you would wish to receive consider the following Christmas tale:

“Miss. L. Toe is preparing for Christmas, trimming the house, buying the presents, ordering the festive fare. She has just moved into her lovely new home and has re decorated as well as buying new furnishings and the Smart HD TV she took 18 months to save for.

Tonight however she is looking forward to the Christmas party and spending time with her friends before the holiday season begins.

Not wishing to sound like the ghost of Christmas past but, upon returning from what was a wonderful party she arrives home looking forward to curling up in front of the tree with just one last night cap.

However something’s wrong, the house just doesn’t feel right.

Her decorations are disturbed, the presents gone from under the tree, the TV she bought...... It's not just about the valuable items that have been taken, it's the things that she put together over these past months making the house a home, the memories, the knowing that a stranger has been in her home.

Then she realises there is no sign of forced entry, no damage how on earth did they get in?

When she moved house, lost her keys last month did she change her locks?”

With hindsight maybe she would have changed the locks, upgraded and perhaps even reviewed her security. After all she had the car and boiler serviced in time for winter so why not a “security service”!

When Ladykings wish you a very merry Christmas we mean it and that is why our gift to you is a free review of what’s important, the safety and security of you and those you care about and value.

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