The Chocolate Works

By Carmen Parkinson

23915618 216310505577000 5628685146617171526 n“Most people love chocolate, but currently in the UK there are very few places where you can truly interact with it. That’s not to say they don’t exist, Cadbury World in Birmingham is probably the best known ‘Wonka’ experience, and then there are numerous small artisan chocolatiers who offer classes and courses, and one or two smaller manufacturers who promote activities at their factory sites. What I think is missing is a good quality high street chocolate café’ that brings chocolate to life for people in a fun stylish environment.“

So says Ribble Valley based entrepreneur Guy Middleton whose Chocolate Works launched in Clitheroe at the end of November.

When Guy was first referred in to The Business Clinic for support with getting his business dream to go from an idea to reality in the space of a few short months we just knew that we were going to enjoy the process, who doesn’t like chocolate!

At the heart of The Chocolate Works is the open kitchen (the Works) literally in the centre of the space. This is where all the store’s chocolate products are made fresh daily. Guy also offers a provenance for his chocolate in that it is produced in a fair and sustainable way by collaboration with independent growers and processors.

Along with the wonderful aromas customers will enjoy a café area where the products can be sampled on site.

Business customers are not neglected either as Guy plans to offer bespoke promotional gifts as part of his selection.

Adults and children can enjoy chocolate parties and workshops as Guy plans to open 7 days per week, he really does have a passion for chocolate.
As well as passion Guy has the experience of several years working within the chocolate industry at a senior level internationally.

Guy’s is just one of the many success stories that The Business Clinic has to share with the Lancashire business community so if you have a business idea or just need help with start-up and/or expansion please get in touch –we are here to help.

Guy's Chocolate Works was set to open on Wednesday 22nd November so pop along to 40 Castle Street, Clitheroe or visit the Chocolate Works Facebook Page and give them a follow here

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