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This month The Business Clinic would like to welcome its newest Business Practitioner, Sirka Moore of BDC-Business Development Consulting.

Sirka helps her SME clients to develop their businesses into new markets, both national and international, through market studies, initial first contacts with prospective new clients as well as the initial step of business development. She differs in her approach in that she has an in depth understanding and knowledge not only of the language but also the cultural differences in German, French and Spanish.

Sirka herself has a Masters in Business Economics and used these skills to grow and develop products and/or services in Engineering and Manufacturing companies. She has a strong record in identifying new business opportunities and turning them into business growth.
On a personal note she enjoys trail running, crafting and charity obstacle running, and it becomes evident that Sirka not only enjoys a challenge but enjoys supporting others.

Sirka came to us via her internet search for start-up business support and was further encouraged to get in touch by Andrew Leeming of Boost Business Lancashire. At the first surgery that Sirka attended she experienced the power of peer support at its best. She expressed the opinion that the initial meeting was extremely helpful in receiving suggestions and advice in a safe and confidential environment. The discussion of other people’s issues can prove to be helpful to her own business and as such this is a reciprocal process.

Her regular attendance at further surgeries and clinics hosted by The Business Clinic serves to enhance her own business but also gives her the opportunity to share her knowledge and expertise with the local business community.

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