The Business Clinic’s Very Own Money Saving Expert Shares Her Tips With You For Healthier Profits in 2018

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Nicola Taylor, local champion of all things energy and telecoms related (well we think so anyway) has put together some useful tips to save you time and money.

The New Year always sees the domestic market in particular, reviewing their energy and telecom bills, and where savings can be made; whereas the commercial market look more to their marketing budgets and when their commercial contracts are due for renewal. Whether you are a homeowner, a tenant or a business, 2018, with rising interest rates and the cost of living, will see more people thinking carefully (as they did in 2009) about what they spend, how they spend it and very importantly, how to budget for the nicer things in life like holidays and home improvements.

With this in mind here are some top tips to plan into your diaries:-

At home:-

• When are your contracts due for renewal?

• Phone & Broadband (usually 12 month or 18 month contracts)
Remember: if you make a call and change a service, you may inadvertently get tied into another contract so be careful!

• Gas & Electricity - don’t get caught out - make sure you get a like for like comparison quote

• Mobile Phones - a great way to save, unless you are a latest technology geek, is to go onto a SIM only contract at the end of an 18 month or 2 year deal

• Mortgages - a specialist area, but really important to speak to an independent broker to get whole of market advice

• Did you know that 71% of homeowners have TV packages for channels they never watch - is this you? - there are lots of opportunities to get the channels you want without the need for contracts

Ways to save energy:-

• Don’t leave devices i.e. mobiles, Ipads etc. switched on at night - charge them up during the evening, and then switch the sockets off before going to bed

• Only boil a kettle with the water you need not a full kettle

• Switch off radiators and shut doors for rooms that are generally unused (but remember to air them occasionally!)

• Have your boiler serviced and see if it’s time to change your boiler and if there are options available

• If your heating is on, do you need to use a tumble dryer - or could you dry clothes around the house on radiators or airers?

Ways to save money:-

• Have you looked into cashback card options available?

• Do you have a credit card debt? Check out 0% opportunities and transfer balances, to make regular payments to get rid of the debt

In Business:-

• When are your energy contracts due for renewal?

Whatever the date, check your documentation and look for the amount of notice you have to give a supplier, to avoid being rolled over into another contract
*Did you know in some cases you can give a termination notice, on signing a new contract - please do this in writing so you have a document trail

• Phone and broadband - are you paying too much for the services you receive?

Rental systems can appear cheaper but check them out as other providers can provide phone and broadband with call packages at lower prices
Diary when your contract is due for renewal and start researching/making enquiries about 2 months before for a smooth transition.

• Stationery: check your prices regularly - don’t get caught out by special headline deals, and pay more in other areas. Ask The Business Clinic for a print free audit.

Ways to save time- both at home and in business:-

Ask for an independent free of charge review of your bills to see if switching really can save you money instead of trawling through the comparison sites. Did you know that companies pay to appear on these sites so who do you think that charge is passed on to! The cheapest deal available may not be there so why waste time looking?

We hope that you found these tips useful and that by implementing those that apply that we have assisted you in saving time AND money.

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