Sponsorship - that which seeks to establish a deeper association and integration via marketing collaboration

It is often said that collaboration is a good thing and here at The Business Clinic we believe this to be the case.

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However it does often feel that running a small business means going after the same pool of clients as the competition!

So how do you tackle the challenge of making those very clients aware of your product or service, and remember you for years to come?

Given that 64% of people feel appreciated when receiving promotional gifts, and that the average person keeps a promotional product for 2.91 years, we thought that it made sense to offer an opportunity for local business owners to get their message out to their prospects.

We are giving you the chance to promote your business via our events. You benefit from having us source and produce your gift at a wholesale price; from us putting your target audience in the room; from us delivering your message to our clients and our network; and we benefit from helping you to achieve healthier profits by raising awareness of your business.

True collaboration benefits all concerned so please do get in touch to explore ways in which we can assist you in raising the profile of your business here in Lancashire.

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