What do dandruff shampoo, ethical chocolate and fragrance all have in common?

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That is a very interesting question and one which was considered, among many others, at the latest open Clinic hosted and presented by The Business Clinic Organisation’s very own David Nelson.

David intrigued his audience further by stating that tomorrow is a mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation and achievement is stored.

Let me explain; whether you are in the business of selling shampoo, chocolate or fragrance your message needs to be simple, clear and concise. This allows others to “pass on” your message, to refer and to recommend you. It allows your colleagues to enable the growth and development of your business by having the ability to explain what it is you need in terms of resource, target client, preferred sector, whatever it may be.

This applies equally to existing and well established businesses as well as those operating a new or start-up business.

Why is this so? Consider the fact that we live in an ever changing market place. Our customers wants and needs change, our competitors evolve, policy and legislation alters, economic factors dictate supply and demand, trends and fashion reflect the mood of the times. A business that fails to recognise and embrace these facts will not maintain a competitive edge.

David’s recommendation, or dare I suggest antidote, to address these issues was to have, instead of a traditional business plan written and rarely referred to, a “MAP” for your business journey. A map which comprises of the Method, Ability and Process which every business should utilise on its own route to healthier profits.

A map which is constantly assisting you in your progress as opposed to one which is left in a drawer and only dug out after an obstacle is encountered!
Such a map, if drawn up correctly, is customer centric and objective in order to determine the most efficient route for your business success. It also ensures that tomorrow comes out of that mystical place and that actions actually get started and completed!

David shared some of his own ideas and experience as to the elements that such a map should encompass. Ideas and acronyms that prompted Dan from Forbes Solicitors to comment “FAB, AIDA, MAP, KISS - 14 letters to live by!”

Robin Dobson from R.P. Safety Services even stated that the event had “Renewed my enthusiasm for my own business plan!” While we cannot promise such motivation for business plans per se we can confidently report that many of the evening’s delegates left with a different perspective around business strategy and action planning.

So if, like Daniel O’Connor from World 360, you wish to deliver a “clear and concise message to help develop your pitching skills” The Business Clinic would be happy to hear from you and even welcome you to their next event a place on which you can reserve here.

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