Gender Pay Gap 

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by Sarah Petrie - Forbes Employment Department

A current topic on everybody’s agenda this year is the Gender Pay Gap reporting procedures coming in for April 2018.  The Gender Pay Gap is different to Equal Pay in the sense that this is the comparison between men and women on average within an organisation, regardless of job role and work carried out by those individuals. This has been introduced as a tool to assess levels of equality within the workplace to deal with the complex issue of unequal levels of pay, opportunities for progression, divided labour markets and discrimination within the workplace.
UK companies, including public, private and voluntary sector firms, will be responsible for publishing gender pay report on 5 April each year, where they have a head count of 250 employees or more, which comprises of: 
- Employees
- Workers and agency workers 
- Some self-employed people 
Even if organisations have less than 250 people, it is still advisable to comply in the spirit of good practice and the benefits of risk analysis for the business.  The report includes the option to include narratives that may provide explanations for results or give commentary on how they intend to deal with the results going forward.  
Whilst the regulations do not set out any specific sanctions for non-compliance, if the results prove to be unsatisfactory, inaccurate or indeed they are not published at all, Companies could face reputational damage and public ‘shaming’ as well as penalties arising out of enforcement action, as a result of inquiries and investigations carried out by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.    
With the deadline fast approaching, companies are advised to deal with this immediately to ensure compliance with the publishing procedure and allow enough time for the vast amount of work involved with collating and calculating such data. 
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