Meet Akeela - Sales Executive

By Carmen ParkinsonAkeela Ali

The Business Clinic recently had the pleasure of welcoming Akeela Ali as the newest member of their team.

Having previously worked as a mortgage broker, media recruitment consultant and a sales account manager in radio, building relationships is a key skill which Akeela brings to her new role.

Responsible for assisting would be entrepreneurs to identify the right business opportunity her bubbly personality and positive mind set are obvious attributes which will serve her well.

Additionally being the middle child of seven, most of whom are brothers, she is used to handling objections and negotiating!

Akeela’s own ambition is to be successful and independent, so this is something that she shares with her clients when they are looking to start out in business for themselves.

When not assisting clients through The Business Clinic Akeela enjoys spinning class, body pump, walking and eating out.

Her downtime is spent relaxing with Shisha which apparently is molasses flavoured tobacco smoked out of a hookah! Favourite films include Armageddon and Titanic, her favourite colours are red and black and favourite food is lamb tagine. A lady with such eclectic tastes should fit in very well.

We asked Akeela what she was most proud of and what skills and qualities she possessed. Her response was typically humble. She is most proud of her ability to build rapport with others and of her skills she believes that the most important is her ability to connect and communicate.

We very much look forward to working with her and to introducing her to you our reader.

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