Having Wellness in Mind

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Another successful, well attended, thought provoking and enjoyable workshop run by The Business Clinic. James Marquis was invited along to discuss a topic that is fast coming to the fore in many businesses and organisations, the mental health and well being of its employees.

Mental ill health costs employers £34.9 billion each year and is responsible for 91 million working days lost every year, due to stress, anxiety and depression causing sickness absence. Of this £34.9 billion, less than 10% (£3.1 billion) is as a result of staff turnover. So in effect, 90% of the situation has to be managed rather than can be simply solved.

Some other rather disturbing statistics presented were:

• Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide
(WHO- World Health Organisation)

• In the UK Approximately 1 in 4 experience a mental health problem each year
(The NHS Information Centre for health and social care 2009)

• In England, 1 in 6 report experiencing a common mental health problem (such as anxiety or depression) in any given week
(Mental health and wellbeing in England: Adult psychiatric morbidity survey 2014)

James explained that employers need to respond with a suitable response in order to bring out the best in their organisation by creating happier, more engaged and more productive employees.

His experiences, during ten years in community health services, prompted him to set up his own psychology practice validated through registration with three professional, reputable bodies in his disciplines: The International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA); the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and the Association for IEMT Practitioners, allowing him to provide services to support and guide businesses. Within this support he can offer assessment and consultation to every situation, through workshops, training and presentations.

His mission is to assist people, organisations and situations to be clear of difficulty, struggle, stress and strain and therefore gaining improved capacity for freedom, satisfaction, purpose and capability.

His workshop provided tips on how to become aware of states of mind of employees and oneself and be knowledgeable in that these can be managed through asking questions. The right questions can resolve a ‘problem’ situation and address situations more effectively.

He talked about not just considering what jobs/tasks employees are being asked to do, but also how they are doing it. He also came up with solutions of employee engagement initiatives which included running/walking groups, cooking classes, banning emails at unsociable hours, autonomy days and my personal favourite, Heineken Thursdays!

34480461 2064357283851755 4472936112087629824 nA key message of the workshop was that the most important part of dealing with any mental condition, on any part of the spectrum, from the everyday stress and anxieties that we may all experience, through to more serious situations resulting in depression and physical health effects, is the manner in which we deal with these situations. In other words, our own coping mechanisms, how capable we are able to respond and the amount or lack of control of the situation we perceive we have.

Our capability to perform the above will be directly related to our current state of mind and a thought provoking point made by the workshop was that we each have the ability to control our state of mind through specific exercises and strategies. Amongst these are several thought based exercises that may require practice, but the use of sharing and discussion in an environment such as a supportive Peerworking Business Clinic Surgery can also be of essential assistance.
Through James’ friendly, confident and optimistic disposition, his methods have proven to be both effective and successful and we hope to be engaging with further events concerning this very pertinent topic in the future.

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