Business Telecoms - How to Maximise your Profit


By Nicola Taylor - Utility Warehouse

In today’s fast paced world, with immediate demands, and instant technology, small businesses owners, and home office users sometimes get so caught up in operating their businesses, that they forget to look at their own outgoings and the opportunities to make savings so they can maximise on their profits.

So working from home or in an office, small unit, or retail premises can pose different questions :-

Should I have a business landline installed?

My advice, “stop” and consider the options. Are most of your calls going to be via mobile? If they are, the installation of a business line, the contracts involved, and the additional costs and expenditure to your business, especially in the early days, may not be a requirement yet. Are you are in a position to have office premises, this is when to thing business line installation, but this is when contracts become a necessity. Do you have a phone line at home, but with no landline phone plugged into it. This is an opportunity to plug one in, and get an “all inclusive” call bundle option eg. All day everyday calls package.

So should I have a business line?

Again, consider your options carefully, and very importantly ask the question: “What is the price of installation and how long will I be in a contract for?”. Sometimes the cost of installation can be quite high. Check out your options. Give me a call - we are happy to help - you might be surprised at how low our business phone line installations are compared to our competitors. Don’t overstretch yourself on your contract length. Try and get a no contract or minimal (12 months) option.

Very importantly - your home bills are just as important as your business bills when in business so take time to review them. As your business income, pays for your home expenditure!

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