Who's got the Power?


By Nicola Taylor - Utility Warehouse

Which Energy provider?

Commercial energy is completely different to domestic energy.

Did you know that you are not in a contract on domestic energy (it’s illegal to be put in a contract), but you can have a tariff deal with an exit fee.

Commercial energy is a contract (we actually provide this with no contract) and usually the longer you take the contract out for the lower the energy price, but you are then taking a risk with the market price, and could over/under pay during that time if the prices are low/high.

With commercial energy it is extremely important to make a note of your contract end date, and your “termination window”.

So how many days prior can you advise the company of termination - this is a very important diary date for you, and it’s important to watch out for paperwork/emails coming in and reading them.

Why?...if you don’t notify your energy provider - they can roll you into a new contract and it could be at a higher price. In some cases, when taking out a commercial contract you can lodge your termination immediately after it starts, so you always have the option, and you are a customer in charge of your own business finances and destiny. You just need to act on it at the right time to get the next one set up in time.

Domestic energy can be budgeted per month. Commercial energy is usually on usage per month and meter readings. In both cases, it’s never the utility providers fault if the bill is too low or high - it’s really is down to the customer to send in regular readings - so as the UK move towards more and more Smart Meters, this is a great way to keep this under control at home.


Check your mobiles - do you have enough minutes and data?

The last thing you want to do is to run up huge data costs. With some companies you can increase your tariff - but be careful. If you do it may lock you into another “contract” so ask the question first before agreeing to anything.

The best options are companies that do SIM only options, and handsets (like we do) so that you can adjust the tariff at any time (up or down) and at the end of the 2 years, the phone belongs to you.

Bank Charges

The more services you can get on one bill with one direct debit will also reduce your business banking charges for direct debits.

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