Introducing our newest Practitioner, Sarah Coulson of Halcyon...Sarah Coulson

Sarah has always had a passion for alternative medicine and helping people from a very young age. She drew inspiration from her aunt who ran a homeopathy clinic in London.

Sarah graduated from university with an Honours degree in Politics, German and Modern European History and moved to York where she worked in her local government working on health and social care services. She started to build an understanding of how all aspects of life contribute to wellness and wellbeing and stumbled across alternative therapies; after having suffered with a painful medical condition for years herself. Sarah had heard of a new Reiki service starting up in the city and from her first treatment she was hooked! Later that year, she successfully passed her level 1 qualifications and from then on any spare time and money was spent on developing the skill and learning more about the different therapies available. Her hard work paid off as she qualified as a level 2 Reiki Healer in 2007.

From the beautiful city of York, Sarah moved across to Lancashire to take up a role at Burnley Council and gave Reiki treatments to her colleagues at lunchtime for free and successfully treated many of them for bad backs, necks ankles, depression and stress-related conditions. From the advice of her colleagues she began ‘Halcyon’ in 2009 and rented a treatment room in Accrington as well as adding qualifications in Reflexology and Aromatherapy & Massage to her Portfolio.
Sarah left Burnley Council to take up a role with the County Council where she was for 5 years before taking redundancy to become the chief officer of a charity providing support to adults with complex disabilities. During that time, she qualified as a Reiki Master (Teacher) and also successfully completed the KORE Therapy Consultant Diploma. This therapy was designed to get sportspeople’s bodies working to their optimum – getting muscles functioning properly and as a system. KORE Practitioners are trained in an array of techniques to get to the root cause of injuries and ailments; meaning pain and injuries recover quicker, stay recovered for longer and muscle performance is enhanced.

KORE transformed the way Sarah worked and added an element she felt she had been missing to the treatments she gave, so much so that in 2018, she finally got the confidence to take the plunge and transform her hobby of 10-years into a full-time enterprise. The range of therapy qualifications at Halcyon means that each treatment can consist of such techniques as cupping, TuiNa Massage, ChiGung, AmnoFu, Reflexology and Reiki, and is tailored specifically to your needs.
Sarah is passionate about helping people who are “at their wits’ end” with pain and injury; people who think they’ve tried everything but nothing seems to make them better.

Sarah and Co workers

Her experiences and qualification at managerial level have also left their mark and Sarah is also passionate about workplace wellbeing. Together with two of her colleagues, she has set up the Value Worker project to bring physical, emotional and departmental balance to the workplace: an answer to every issue!

When not working on Halcyon (is she ever not working on Halcyon?!), Sarah enjoys running, skiing, scuba diving, walking, writing, cooking and eating!
And when asked the “key to her success” she replied, “The key is not to worry about what anyone else is doing: be the best you can be, work with passion and integrity and focus your energy on developing yourself - success will come...”

We are very pleased to have her on-board as a practitioner and look forward to helping her along her business journey!

If you would like to speak to Sarah about how she can help you through her range of therapies please visit

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