‘Four Brexit Maxims’ – Fight or Flight?

– Written by David Nelson

This month’s Advice Clinic focus was on the topic of Brexit and specifically what it will mean for those of us who are SME’s come the 29th March.Brexit Advice Clinic Feedback Jo Naylor

Our Presenter for the evening; Sirka Moore answered questions such as:
• How will it affect passport and travel?
• How will it affect travel in Europe?
• Will there be any hold up on imports?
• How will it affect EU nationals in UK and vice versa?

After the session I asked Sirka to kindly sum up what her 5 things to keep in mind from the workshop were:

• Be aware of increased production costs due to product imports with increased taxes
• When looking at route and access to markets for Goods & Services, be sure you are using the right tariff codes
• Be aware that possible skills shortages could mean limitation of Growth Strategy
• Changes with regards to EU compliance, legally and industrial standards
• Consider the impact of current lending pools (especially if EU funded) on your future cash-flow

Sirka’s overall message to SME’s is to be as prepared as possible. Although at this time there are many if’s and but’s, there will be no achievements by sticking your head in the sand or having a “wait and see” approach. Look at what could affect your business and plan for it. If there are forms you will need to fill out, don’t wait until the last minute. Plan, prepare and you will progress.

Sirka has over 20 years’ experience in international sales, specifically in the engineering sector. She can support businesses within this sector to grow through technical language support in French, German and Spanish and provides business development and cash flow/finance solutions.

We approached Sirka in 2018 to do a workshop on Brexit, considering her vast international knowledge and passion to support local businesses. We knew she would give a comprehensive talk that focused on the benefits of any changes to come. Sirka happily gave her knowledge and experience freely and the workshop was a big success and even raised the interest of two local authority organisations DEFRA and the BEIS who attended on the evening.

Advice Clinic Brexit 6th March 3

Here are some suggested places you can look to find out more, recommended by Sirka herself:

• UK Government –Department for Exiting the European Union

• British Chambers of Commerce

• House of Commons Library

You can speak to Sirka directly for more information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click here

01772 367 367



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