It’s about more than just putting one foot in front of the other...

By Helen Livesey of The Business Clinic

Last week’s Advice Clinic “Your MAP to Healthier Profits” was presented by our very own David Nelson and the focus was on business planning, reaching our goals and effective communication.MAP Clinic David Nelson 1st May 19 2

David, with almost 4 decades of experience in business ownership, sales and communication pulled together a short 2-hour overview on what would normally be a 3-4day workshop to support business owners and their employees on their business journey. The key objective, generating healthier profits.

As a lot of people know, David is a keen runner and has managed to convince (almost) his whole family to join in the hobby and between them they have ran countless 10K’s, half and full marathons and even a Tough Mudder. So running was a solid theme throughout the evening, as of course anyone who’s tried to run a race will know, it cannot be successfully completed without significant planning, as David mentioned on the night “We may run by placing one foot in front of the other but we only finish the race by training, planning and setting goals and in doing so, achieve beyond our initial abilities.”

The importance of planning and further to that the importance of having a working plan, is a crucial part of achieving success in your business “a business plan is no use while it’s stuck in a draw”. David encouraged attendees to create a plan that will support them at every stage in their business journey, one that when you come up against a challenge, can actually support you to overcome it. Which leads us nicely to what does MAP stand for; Method – Ability – Process.

Method as in, what method are we using to operate our business including our message and route to market?

Ability as in, having everything we need to execute our method i.e. capability, skills and resources and do our numbers (financial projections) correctly reflect this – do we have what we need to get to where we want to go?

Process as in, how we monitor and track our progress, what our goals are, KPI’s and targets?

MAP Clinic Team Product 1st May 19 3

Without these 3 things in place it is often difficult to be structured or motivated in our business lives leaving us unsure of how far we have come and unable to see what is in front of us.

The business MAP allows you to plan your personal goals as well as your business goals, because for a lot of us these are part of the same journey and a big part of why we went into business for ourselves. Like running a race, it helps if you know the time you are aiming for and the split times you are achieving along the way.

David selected two fine volunteers; Ged Henderson and Jo Naylor to head up the two teams for our interactive group activity which focused on how to effectively communicate their product/service using the MAP techniques AIDA, KISS and FAB. These tools enable us to really get to the route of our message and help to uncover why our clients buy.MAP Clinic Team Service 1st May 19 2


David ended the session by recapping “determination and a turnover target are not enough - one foot in front of the other and desire to finish a race are not enough.” If you need any support in turning your business plan into a destination through the use of a business MAP we are happy to assist and support you on your business journey.Call David on 01772 367 367 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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