What does business growth mean to you?

By Rebecca Allam - Co-ordinator at The Business Clinic

At The Business Clinic a lot of what we do is centred around growth. The majority of the time this doesn't just apply to the business but also to the business owner and the partners/employees within it.

Our growth hub exists to support the local business community and provide a safe place for business owners to get the guidance and advice they need in all areas of business.

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Growth can mean many different things to different people...

Development stage clients see growth as making their dream a reality. Gathering the research and doing trials to find out if their idea is feasible, and then having the right things in place to be able to take that step from employment to business owner.

New-start clients it means getting the very foundations of their business right so they can build that brand awareness, get their message right and develop their client base.

Established business clients may be looking into the direction of employing for the first time and that could mean managing for the first time too. It involves getting the structure of their business working in a way that is fluid and uniformed while splitting their time between managing your team and your clients,
Expansion stage clients may start looking into new and bigger markets and increasing their workforce into a team of people they may even want to invest in their team to make sure those people are trained to meet the needs of the business as much as possible.

Maturity stage clients see growth as either further expansion of the business reaching higher targets and further increasing staff, maybe there is a possibility of franchising their business, or they need to look at their exit strategy and what they want for the future of their business and themselves.

There are lots of different tools out there for business owners to achieve these different growth aspirations and at The Business Clinic we pride ourselves on being able to provide support to businesses at all these different stages, no matter what direction they choose to take their business in. We support our clients to grow in a way that is focused on them and their life goals, family goals, financial goals. The key is what is important to them and what they want out of it.

If you have a business idea that needs exploring, want to get more out of your current business or even if you aren’t sure what direction to take it in, we can help. Talk to a member of The BCO team today and drive your business to healthier profits.

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