Passion for ‘Peerworking’ Promotes Power

By Helen Livesey

Passion is a key element to owning your own business - if you don’t have it it’s probably not the right one... But 6 years in at The Business Clinic and they still have it, by the barrel full, and dish it out on a bi-weekly basis.BCO 6th Birthday June 19

When Helen and David cooked up the idea of ‘Peerworking’, their vision was to bring business owners together to share their ideas and best practice for the good of the local business community (hence why they set it up as a Community Interest Company). Now, 6 years down the line, it has grown into so much more than that. The people who attend don’t come just to get advice, they build honest and long lasting relationships, even friendships, and become each other’s biggest cheerleaders as well as their most honest critiques.

Michelle is one of our most recent Practitioners and we were blown away by the following email from her after only attending a couple of session:

“Thanks for this morning. I came away feeling amazing, much clearer about what I need to do and it also felt really good to be offering my opinion on things. Hopefully I will be able to help others going forward.

I have just signed up and can’t wait for the next one.

I have said it to you both but will say again, thank you to both you and Helen, you have been so welcoming and friendly which has made it really easy to feel at home when I’m at the clinic.”

Michelle Pye
GM Property Consultants Ltd


Not sure if it’s for you?

We often get asked, “Have you ever had a discussion point from someone and not been able to help them?” The answer to this is absolutely not. Due to the structure and the level of experience in the room, there is always advice that can be offered that will make a difference - everyone has something they can share.

Co-Founder and Director at The Business Clinic, David says, “In my experience it really doesn’t matter what age or size your business is, we can all help to support one another through difficult issues that arise. That’s what makes it so powerful - how totally inclusive it is. It doesn’t matter if you are new in business or own 10 companies. In this confidential setting we are all equal and available to support each other.”

One of the biggest challenges we have at The Business Clinic never comes from the sessions themselves, but from a need to change the mind-set of being in the business world. We are all so used to talking about the things that are great about our business and not what we can improve on. We feel like we have to tell people how successful we are, otherwise we are failing. Here at The Business Clinic we are trying to change that, we want people to know that it’s okay not to know everything and that it is even more okay to ask your colleagues and peers for help because we can’t do it all on our own. Well, maybe we could but it will take us all a hell of a lot longer to get there if we did.

Coordinator at The Business Clinic, Rebecca says, “The thing I love most about ‘Peerworking’ is seeing people grow, the journey they go on. It isn’t always obvious to that person but you see them developing skills and becoming more confident and applying that to their business. It’s really rewarding to know you have been a part of that positive change.”

So it’s another ‘Happy Birthday’ to us and we promise to keep the passion running through our events, our team and our company for when you are ready to try something new...

Book a Surgery today and experience the power ‘Peerworking’ can offer you and your business.

Co-Founder and Director at The Business Clinic, Helen says, “The most important thing to remember is whether you’ve been to a session before or you haven’t; if you’ve been in touch but couldn’t find the time to come but still want to, our door is always open. There is no judgement from us and you are welcome any time. If in doubt speak to a member of the team.”

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