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By Rebecca Allam

We had the pleasure of playing host to the straight talking PR pro and message building master known as Ged Henderson from Henderson News and Media. Experienced editor and long standing Consulting Practitioner here at The Business Clinic.

For those of you who know Ged well one of his most repeated pieces of advice in regards to marketing is not to get caught up in all the “noise” being made online and that there is more (quite a lot more) to marketing than that what you see on social media. He also made us acutely aware of his hatred of the word “vlogging”... (Who knew)?

Ged’s warning is emblazoned on our brains that if incautious we could end up burning cash and spending many long hours in front of a screen and still not attract the attention we seek from our clients. A terrifying though indeed. But with the right combination of message, time and place we can unlock new business potential and connect with our target audience. And that it should be done in such order.


Ged’s key message building tips (if you haven’t got yourself a clearly defined message yet) are as follows:

  • Use key words to describe what you do and how you do it – empty your head on some scrap paper to start
  • What are the benefits to your clients? The “What’s in it for me?”
  • Tell your story – make it a compelling one
  • Be a problem solver

Your Audience

If you have never done this exercise, it’s a must. It is essential you know your target audience in order to effectively market your product/service. The more you know about your perfect customer the more opportunities you will have to market your product/service to them. To make a start you will need to;

  • Build some demographics – Age, gender, b2b, b2c, professions etc
  • Once you have built your perfect client – where would you be able to find them? Are they even online?
  • What do they like to do? Where do they like to go? What do they read?


Another important step in the process is to have a strategy. Think about what you want to get out of it. If it’s a number of new clients what is that exact number? If it is to earn x amount? How many new clients does that look like? How long do you want it to take? Set these bench marksout in your diary and work backwards from that point.


When it comes to online marketing many people struggle with building their social media content. More often than not they sit themselves in front of a screen hoping the content will simply flow - don’t set yourself up to fail;

  • Create a bank of content referring back to the messages you have built – reusing content later on is also ok as long as it is relevant
  • Use your perfect client to help you build those messages – what are they interested in – think about the topics/conversations you want to have
  • Put a timetable together to help schedule your posts – even use an online scheduling tool like Hootsuite
  • Use the 5 magic words – who/what/where/when/why
  • Use your reviews – and if you don’t have any, get some
  • Don’t forget about the call to action – what do you want them to do once they’ve read it?

As always it is very hard to narrow down a 2hour workshop into a short article and cover all the tips that were given, but it was especially hard as there were so many in this particular Advice Clinic and we could all spend hours talking about marketing. But I will leave you with these starter tips to get working on and no doubt Ged will be re-performing this session in the future so watch this space 2020.

Our activity cracked many-a-smile on the night so without revealing any activity spoilers I will leave this with you; Ged’s favourite review…

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