Regional Finalists - Small Business Big Heart Awards

By Nathan Mayhew - The Business Clinic

SBBH Regional Winners

The Business Clinic have been selected as regional finalists for the Small Business Big Heart Awards 2019 and The BCO team couldn't be happier!

The Small Business Big Heart awards are centred on giving back to your local community, so when David Nelson came across the award application it was a no-brainer for us to apply as it fits in so well with our brand values.

The decision to apply for this award was not only based on the idea that we wanted to showcase the wonderful work that goes on here at The Business Clinic, even though we are very proud of what we do and enjoy giving back. We wanted this award to be a win for each and every business and individual that is a part of what we have built here. Those people inspire and motivate us to carry on running our ‘Peerworking’ sessions and provide that safe place for business owners to share their challenges and opportunities, free from any judgement.

The business owners who come through our doors and support each other week in and week out, they have helped us to build this powerful support network. They deserve to know what a difference they are making with every bit of knowledge given and every charitable event they take part in, whether it be a sponsored hike for Macmillan or donating to our book swap shop for St Catherine's Hospice.

We want to thank everyone who has been, and who is currently involved in making Lancashire's business community stronger through the power of 'Peerworking'. The winner will be revealed on 15th September so we will keep you posted.

Let’s keep going, keep spreading the word and supporting our community because together we can do so very much!

In the meantime if you would like to try out a 'Peerworking' Surgery click here to find out more and book on a session at your earliest convenience.

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