Release Your EP!C

By Rebecca Allam - The Business Clinic Organisation CICEpic 1

Last Tuesday we had the pleasure of hosting a workshop by guest speaker Richard Harrison from Geminus Training. Richard’s core skills are in innovation training and problem solving for organisations of all shapes and sizes. Richard’s aim was to deliver a thought provoking mini workshop on increasing productivity and engagement in your business, he did this and more.

Feedback from one delegate was “Mind blowing! How productive and positive creative thinking can be (and great tools on how to do this successfully)”.
Increasing productivity in an organisation is one sure fire way to grow your business and build on your success and there are quite a few ways of doing this which Richard asked us to discuss.

Naturally employing more people was up there alongside improving systems and processes and reducing the time frame to complete work assigned but then we ran into problems around poor quality and more room for error. With Richard’s direction, we arrived at the easiest and simplest way to increase productivity is by making people happy i.e. innovation, this is a key driving force behind productivity as it gives people that inspiration to grow. One engaged member of a team can contribute so much more than 10 who are disengaged.

People love to feel valued within a business and that they are part of the changes and goals within an organisation. If you give your team the opportunity to create and share ideas this is where they can work at their best because they feel motivated, or as Richard calls it, being EP!C.

No matter if you are 1 person in a business or have 10,000 employees, this method of working can help you to think differently about your business strategy because everyone works differently and what motivates and engages one person might not be the same for someone else. Being EP!C is about bringing out the best in yourself and others and allowing others to substitute when you aren’t playing to your own strengths.

Richard demonstrated in a couple of interactive exercises just how to get the creative juices flowing even when you might be stuck for a creative idea through reverse brainstorming. If you have never done it before look it up and use it at your next team meeting! Or use it as a standalone exercise when you are stuck on an idea and the thoughts aren’t flowing – and just have some fun with it.

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Key things we learnt:
1. Don’t be afraid to be creative – idea’s generate so much more than just a thought and are the fuel that keeps a business running

2. Innovate, innovate, innovate

3. Share your ideas – many heads are better than one, an idea might not necessarily open the door but it will lead you to see more than just one door to go through

4. Be the best you that you can and let other people’s strengths compensate for your challenges

5. Celebrate your strengths


To speak to Richard and the Team at Geminus on how they can help your business become more Engaged, Productive, Innovative and Creative click here

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