Ged Henderson – My 2020 Vision

Ged Henderson 2019 Practitionership

As a result of the session on 18th December Ged has created himself a development plan with 3 main goals for the year ahead.

1. Online growth (starting with an content archive)
2. Collaboration with strategic partners
3. Working on his exit strategy

Ged feels the session he attended at The Business Clinic looking at his 2020 Vision has made it easier and has been a smoother transition for him to put these goals in place for 2020, and not only stick to them but make a start on them already (just 10 days into the new year).

He started by taking 2 days out to simply sit and put the goals and ideas in order of priority and steps he needed to take and moved on to putting them into practise by getting his new tech up, running and working well as starting his research into online operations. He has also had meetings with potential collaborators. – A busy and productive start!

As well as helping him decided what he wanted to achieve out of 2020 the vision session also helped Ged to realise things he doesn’t want to do again which is sometimes just as important. The order of the session helped to provoke the thought required to put a structured plan together that Ged has been able to work towards successfully – a working plan if you will.

Having the accountability from the BCO team is a big help to putting these thing into practice and the team and practitioners at will continue to support Ged with his goals and celebrate his successes as they come throughout the year.

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