From advice given at a previous surgery Nicola has created a presentation to deliver at a company conference in front of 1200 people sharing her experience and knowledge about networking.

The discussion point she brought forward was a research exercise to get some information from people who haven’t necessarily done a lot of networking in order to build her presentation to suit her audience. She found this exercise very useful and was able to build a personable presentation using only cue cards and her own engagement.

Here are some of Nicola’s 10 top tips:

1. Networking is about communicating regularly to people, with a purpose
2. Google networking events in your postcode, you will find lots to choose from
3. Have focussed, regular networking time built into your diary
4. If your feeling uncomfortable take someone else with you who is non-competing
5. Have a meaningful conversation with the people you have targeted from the delegate lists
6. It’s what you do after the event that counts – follow up, follow up, follow up
7. Don’t email everyone after the event if you haven’t spoken to them
8. Like dating, don’t ask them to marry you on the first date aka don’t ask them to buy from you straight away
9. Be you, people buy people
10. It’s a long game, not a quick fix – so be patient


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