Lockdown Recipe's to Enjoy...

Eat what you want day 11th May

How many of you took part in "Eat What You Want Day" on the 11th May?

Lockdown has brought us plenty of good as well as the bad and a portion of that comes in the form of eating... Whether it be healthy, naughty, vegan or just plain simple.

Here are some recipe's our very own practitioners have created and enjoyed throughout the last 3 months for you to try and enjoy yourself!


1. BCO Co-Founder Helen has kindly provided us with a tasty vegan main option and a delicious dessert that is certainly a tried and tested crowd-pleaser among the BCO community!

 DSC 1953


Rasp and Almond

2. A Chinese Chicken Stir-Fry recipe to get you drooling at the mouth, from the one and only Carl Redman - AKA Professor Spice (because nowhere else is it twice as nice).

Click here for more recipe's from Professor Spice

Prof Spice

3. Michelle has brought a smile to my face with a recipe for chocolate lovers everywhere! Where would any of us be without a good brownie in our lives!



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