So You Want to Try Video?

As a CIC we are always out and about doing research for our practitioners and you the local business community to see what business hints and tips we can share with you!

We recently went on a great workshop from the one and only Sales Geek that explored how the subject of getting started with video. Here are a few hints and tips we took away from the session to share with you...

• No gear required to start, just your smartphone and if you have a tripod or a stand to keep it steadySo you want to try video for your business
• No script required – but there are auto prompt apps available such as...
• Say what you know
• Prepared for your fist video to not be very good. And that is totally fine.
• The first one you record should be for your eyes only and be on a subject you know really well and in detail – sports or family/hobbies
• Fight your urge to write a script and just tell a story
• Title your video something engaging... i.e. “what are everyone’s thoughts on XXX” and use a relevant hashtag
• Don’t overthink length of time if it is relevant to keep going
• If you are just filming about a tip don’t build suspense or waste time, get right to it
• Landscape filming is more professional
• Have a call to action at the end
• If you want to use editing software there isn’t a specific one that’s best – use what you know and are comfortable with
• If you decide you want to carry on plan out your next 5 or so. Plan the topics are you going to release them weekly? Think it through and get a plan of the content together
• Reach out to your trusted network to comment/like and share to get the ball rolling
• For subtitles us

Needless to say, we are not the experts. These are just a taster that might give you the confidence to consider video or maybe just some answers to your questions to make you take that next step.

If you want to know more about how to get started with video for your business speak to the guys at Sales Geek here.

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