Getting Your Injection of Reflection!
By Rebecca Allam

We do not learn form experience, we learn from reflecting on experience
Throughout the month of December, we are asking you lovely people to get reflecting on the times you have had this year. Now it may not have been as straight forward as the many years before it but in some ways, you may have learned even more about yourself and your business this year than in any previous ones, as it truly has been the ultimate test for a lot of us.

Each year we like to get people thinking about the following: 

  • What are your biggest achievements?
  • What were your greatest obstacles?
  • If you could have a “Notes to self” to take forward what would they be?

We then would ask you to consider setting 3 SMART goals for the first quarter of 2021

  1. What needs to be done to achieve your goal?
  2. Who do you need help from in order to make it happen?
  3. When do you want to have it completed by?

Reflection may seem like another job to add to the to-do list but it's an all-important part on your route to success.

Reflection allows for a change in your business mindset and the opportunity to learn and grow from your previous successes and failures and all in all makes you a better business owner. Reflection can give you the feeling of freedom that comes from that mindset change, from the growth and development you have made. So even if you just take an hour aside to give it some thought you will be giving yourself your very own little Christmas gift that will last well into 2021.

Let us know if you need help setting your goals for 2021 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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