Planning for #MyYearAhead

By Rebecca Allam

January is that one time of the year we all use to make our vows of "new beginnings". It's something we look forward to, celebrate and for a while there we might have even been convinced it had the power to wipe out Coronavirus and allow us all to get on with our lives for 2021... Not so much luck.

The New Year certainly is a powerful thing regardless, but the most powerful thing about it is the mind-set change it brings. We all have the ability to start our "new beginnings" at any point in the year, yet somehow it all seems easier when presented with this fresh new platform to shout about our plans and goals with the feeling that we can really start something new and that it will be different this time. 

At The Business Clinic, we believe it can be too. Whilst people get exasperated with the "New Year - New Me" crowd, vowing to meet unrealistic expectations this time next year but by Blue Monday has already given in to their vices and will try again next year, it can be a bit too much and in turn, put you off your resolutions. Well, we say don't be put off, because there is a right and wrong way to set your plans in motion and we can help you make it a success. 

Goal setting is an important part of growth, as a person and as a business. So we think it's great to set goals but goals are nothing without planning, there are key things along the way you need to do to ensure your success including; having set touchpoints and mini-goals within the main goal and getting on-going accountability from a critical friend. 

Getting ahead isn't something that just happens overnight, you have to visualise what it looks like, realise what you need to get you there and build a strategic plan to lay the foundations to pave your way. If you follow these steps you can bypass the "New Year - New Me" crowd, because come Valentines Day you will have already hit some of your mini-goals and be well on your way to achieving in 2021!

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