Be Empowered by ‘Peerworking’ in 2021

By Rebecca Allam

New Year BCO

Welcome to a whole new year and another opportunity to start new things, build your dreams and get on with making your business a success!

We are excited about ‘Peerworking’ in 2021 and are refuse to let Coronavirus dampen our energy!

‘Peerworking’ has stormed into 2021 with a new attitude – “If it’s meant to be, then it’s up to ME” and we want to help you make the most of the varied support our sessions can provide. So, whilst guidelines dictate we are to remain virtual, for now, we are embracing it and want to share with you some of the positives of Virtual ‘Peerworking’ -

  1. You don’t have to move any further than your sofa, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the UK or in fact the world. You can join our sessions and benefit from professional, friendly and confidential advice from business professionals in Lancashire or the world…
  1. We don’t have any barriers in place or any criteria to meet to join our sessions. You can literally be any age, size or shape of business! You don’t even have to have started a business yet to come along and experience our support. You also don’t have to aspire to own your own business at all - we support business managers on our sessions in the same way, so no matter who you are it’s worth giving ‘Peerworking’ a try.
  1. We are still NOT networking. Lots of people think ‘Peerworking’ is a form of networking. Unfortunately, we couldn’t be further from it. ‘Peerworking’ is a platform for business owners to come together and discuss ideas, knowledge, share updates and guide each other on business strategy. We do not allow any form of selling – only sharing at The Business Clinic. We are here to support one another and give hints, tips and share our experiences for the good of everybody.
  1. “All talk, no action” – this just isn’t us. We want to support business owners who are serious about growing their business and putting the work in. Yes, our sessions provide a platform to talk about developing our business and setting goals but we take it one step further. Accountability comes hand in hand with the points discussed in the group and we are here to hold you to those goals and make sure you are getting where you want to go with your business or career. So, if you don’t want to grow your business or make any positive changes then ‘Peerworking’ might not be for you.
  1. ‘Peerworking’ brings people together. The process of ‘Peerworking’ means that you are talking about real subjects, with real people and opening up about your goals, fears and life experiences, so no wonder our practitioners benefit from the close relationships they develop with each other. It’s one of the fastest ways to build business relationships and develop that know, like and trust element everyone is always looking for.

If you think ‘Peerworking’ could work for you, book your free guest ticket here and join us at our next Surgery. Events run bi-weekly on Friday from 8:00-10:30 am.

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