How to Manoeuvre that Bump in the Road

Bumpy Rd

By Helen Livesey – Director at The Business Clinic

For many, the last year has provided a bumpy road and going into 2021 it doesn’t look like the journey will be coming to an end any time soon. But is there a way that collectively, we can smooth the path and support each other to make the ride a little easier to handle? I’d like to explore that with you today.

Have you taken stock of the future and your business or are you still living in the here and now?

If yes, fantastic! Please continue reading this article to see if we can help to provoke some further thoughts. If not, and you feel like you are being reactive, not pro-active and would like to take back control to create your own journey for 2021, we can help you - click here (link to Planning #MyYearAhead Article) to find out more.

Many of us will have, to some degree, let the pandemic derail us. I mean how it could we not, we have never experienced anything like this before in our generation. The important thing now is how we come out the other side bigger, better and stronger?

It could be that we know our business will survive and we now need to work on our plan, whether that be creating or actioning it, but are you taking action? Is it the best kind of action to future proof you, your staff or your business?
If you have taken out a bounce-back loan, great! But do you now know what your profit needs to be monthly to cover those repayments when they kick in? Have you thought about how much marketing activity and increased sales you will need to do to make up those payments when the time comes?

Do you have staff? Are you aware of how you can help and support them? Do they know they get support and guidance if they have money worries?

Let us help you stop, look, listen and take action through the power of peer to peer support. Visit a ‘Peerworking’ event (book link) to receive answers to your questions from experienced business leaders.

If you feel like your finances are ruling you and taking over, if it is making you doubt the longevity of your business. If you are worried about your staff and the ability to make business payments on your personal credit card or if you are just generally worrying about money...

Let us help you stop, look, listen and take action and talk to someone at ‘A Safe Space’. We are here to help you have the confidence and believe in yourself and that there is a future beyond money worries. You can have a successful future self and future business and you can protect yourself, your family and your staff. No matter what the problem, is we can help you find the solution that will lead you to that future.

Whatever your thoughts and plans, we just want you to know that there is a place to speak openly and freely where you can share worries, ideas, future planning or receive guidance in pressing the reset button. Don’t hesitate in picking up the phone or emailing us for a call at a time to suit you.

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