#ManagementAndMotivation - How to Achieve the Perfect Team TeamworkBy Rebecca Allam

In March we have been talking all about managing your team and how to motivate them to be the best they can be. Even if you have a small team, even if that "team" is just yourself and some outsourced companies. The one solid in all our discussions, and what we think is the route to good management and motivation is COMMUNICATION!

Communicating with your team creates an open environment and ensure's that everyone is working from the same page. It encourages free thinking and idea generation and makes you feel valued to know you are part of a collection of people who all want and are working towards the same thing. Whether that means building the brand to earn more money all around, starting something new that means a change in culture, politics or just working for a common cause, ultimately it is all to drive success for the company, to hit goals, reach targets and achieve their dreams.

The buy-in to this dream working environment all stems from communication and without it, it will certainly set you back in time if nothing else. So it's never too early to improve your communication and instil new ways of working in your organisation. Forget the saying "if it's not broke don't fix it" and embody a new one, "we can always do more to improve on what we have".

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