Best Franchising Supplier of 2021 – Who us?

By Rebecca Allam – The Business Clinic

Following our nomination to win the Gold, goes straight to the top of our best achievements in 2021 so clinic best supplier

So, what helped us win this accolade this year of all years ...

With our support during the pandemic, one of our franchise brands was able to onboard 14 new franchisees, despite the on-going effects of the pandemic and we helped another launch their franchise in August 2020 in the middle of the pandemic and then assisted them in recruiting 6+ new franchisees so far. These 20 new franchisees have the potential to provide employment for over 100 people. These were just the results for two of our clients.

We work with franchise clients across all sectors and areas, from advice and consultancy to franchisee recruiting and even testing the feasibility of a brand to become a franchise. We work with brands across the UK who embrace us as part of their team and we enjoy supporting those brands as each of them demonstrate the passion, drive and motivation to make a difference with the businesses they have built and continue to build upon.

We were so proud to be able to deliver these results, especially in such uncertain times, but more than that we have been proud to be part of the many meetings, reviews, changes and developments that have been put in place to achieve those successes.

This last year has been tough on everyone and as a business, that works with other businesses, we have not only seen the impact on ourselves but the companies around us, with who we work so closely, and with whom we are considered as part of the team. But hard work pays off, as has been shown by the recognition of the award for ‘Best Franchising Supplier’.

As a company, we don’t spend much time focusing on the negatives and are always planning to do what we can with the time, resources, experience and skill set we have, in any eventuality. So, after the shock of the pandemic, we got back into the swing of things and carried on doing what we do best – working hard for our clients to help them reach the goals we had set out to achieve.

But coming back to the award, we were up against other businesses in our category such as Barclays and Franchise UK, so we were just happy to list as a finalist but when the January deadline came around and this video was released to us, we couldn’t quite believe it! We are so very grateful to receive it and dedicate it to all our wonderful clients whom we couldn’t have done it without.


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