#EffectiveCommunication - How to be less confusing


By Rebecca Allam

In April, the theme we chose to focus on was how we can all be better and more effective with our methods of communication. This could be in reference to our overall business message, how we communicate with staff and trusted partners, how we educate our network about our business, how it works, and what the benefits are. This can also refer to the methods we choose to deliver this communication, regular follow-up calls, emails, newsletters and to consider if we are using a method that makes sense to the receiver.

Communication, it can be a minefield.

Everything we do as a business can be traced back to the simple act of attracting clients into your business. From the logo you choose, the colours that go into it, and the words you carefully select to form your strapline. All these things are to demonstrate to your prospective clients exactly who you are and how you are going to be able to help them or fit into their lifestyle and why they should pick you over everyone else.

It's so important to put as much thought into the messages you create to then build your website, create your literature, social media, and the sort of language you use in you and your team's everyday communications.

Effective communication always stems from the 3 rules...

If you have never come across these rules before they are worth looking into. Each of them is key to understanding how to build better communication in your business in every aspect.

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