Punishment or Power? #ItsUpToYou Happy SME

By Rebecca Allam

Throughout June, we have been sharing content and focusing our 'Peerworking' surgeries on the theme of accountability and reminding everyone just how important it is to your success to be held accountable for the goals you set as an SME. 

A lot of the time, accountability can seem like another way of saying "punishment" which can lead people to shy away from holding themselves responsible for the things they want to achieve. When, in reality the only punishment to you is not achieving the goals you set and forever being in "chasing" mode, like a donkey with a carrot on a stick. 

We all have goals we set that we don't think we will ever achieve - people like to call these "dreams" rather than goals and they tend to be more along the lines of owning a mansion on your own desert island or being an F1 champion, when you have a Citroen C1 and only like to drive to the shops and back. These aren't the goals we are talking about.

Accountability works best as part of a process when you set yourself some business milestones to work towards, such as earning a specific amount so you can be financially free or if you are looking to take on a new employee, set up a new office branch or even franchise your business. There are so many smaller steps you will need to take to get to that bigger milestone and these are what people need to be held accountable for because they aren't particularly fun or exciting. The smaller steps could be things like processing out your sales strategy, writing content for your new website, or even planning what networking events to attend to expand your network and sales pool. It's easy for us as busy business owners to let these little steps drop off our list and procrastinate to get them done because something else has come along. But what we don't realise is that in the long run it's only us it's hurting, because with each procrastination and each task moved or forgotten about, that milestone slips further down the timeline. 

So, accountability is essential to get you to your goals as quickly as possible and reinforces your success. So we urge you to please change your mind set - see accountability as the driving force behind your business and with the help of your friends, colleagues, business mentors, consultants or coaches, who knows... maybe you'll get that mansion on your own desert island someday. Maybe sooner than you think!

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