Content Creation and Continuation...  #MarketingMatters Content creation and continuation...

By Rebecca Allam

In July, we drew focus on #MarketingMatters as it is one of the most addressed topics at our 'Peerworking' events. It is something that is constantly changing, adapting and growing with the times and we know all too well how hard it can be to get to grips with.

Let’s talk about content creation! The key to finding content within your day-to-day business life is firstly, to have your ideal clients in mind when creating it. What are their pain points?

Once you have made a list of these pain points, you can use Google to help you search for inspiration for the content and it's always good to take a look at what your competitors are doing too.

Every piece of content you create can be drawn from your own life experiences, so don't be afraid to make it a bit more personal - the more open and honest you can be with your audience, the more they will warm to you and feel like you are someone they can trust. This also creates original content which is what Google is looking for.

FAQs - I bet you have a long list of them, right? It's always handy to have FAQs on your website for quick answers to some simple questions, but I bet some of those answers could be articles of their own. Draw from what your clients want to know. And if you don't have any FAQs yet, send out a short client questionnaire and see what you get back from this. This kind of content is great because it provides great SEO. When people search Google, it tends to be in the form of a question so it makes Google’s job easier to direct someone, who is looking for your services, to you.

Testimonials, reviews or recommendations, whatever you like to call them, should be a regular feature within your content. These are social proof that you deliver on your promises and show people what they can expect from working with you. Don't overuse them, but don't forget about them either.

The number one rule when you do get around to posting your content is, there must be a clear call to action. Tell the audience what you would like them to do next, don't leave it up to them to guess. You can do this in the form of a contact number or email, or you can link them on to an events page if you want them to sign up, or maybe you just want to link them from whichever social media platform they are on to view your actual website. Whatever it is, make it simple for them.

Now, this article is entitled ‘Content Creation and Continuation...’ and sometimes it's the continuation part people find hard, after writing a few pieces they feel stuck again. But the points I have mentioned above are not one-time uses, you can always dig out a FAQ, a story, an experience, a review or even take a look at a Google search to find content. And if you feel really stuck, you can discuss some ideas with your peers at 'Peerworking' and take the pain away of having to come up with it all yourself.

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