How to avoid #ProcrastinationIrritation 

By Rebecca Allam
In August our theme to focus on was Procrastination. This theme is always relevant, even to the most organised business owners because no matter how organised you are you can't be good at every task and when you don't enjoy something it quite often gets put to the bottom of the pile...procrastination
Every single one of us has been known to let procrastination get in the way of moving things forward. But it's not just the putting things off that is the problem here, I think you all know what I mean when I say "procrastination irritation". It's that feeling you get when you know there is something in the background that you should be doing but aren't. And because you aren't doing it it just keeps niggling away at your brain and every time you try to push it away you end up beating yourself up over that 1 little thing you still haven't gotten around to yet... therefore irritating yourself aka "procrastination irritation". 
The task you have left undone can quite often be a small and possibly quite simple task to complete but when you put it off, again and again, it manifests into a giant ugly 3 headed project that you feel you could never complete, no matter how many days or weeks of spare time you had!
So we are here with this article, first of all, to say Hey, we've been there and will, of course, be there again at some point, there is no quick fix. But secondly, to help you when the time comes to get out of your procrastination rutt. So here are a few ways you can help yourself; 
Look at the WHY?
Take a look at why you are putting things off, is it because you’re overwhelmed or is it because you don't enjoy that particular task? And ultimately you need to look at whether it is something that really needs to be done at all.
Always ask yourself, can it be streamlined or delegated to someone it is better suited to? Looking at some of these suggestions first you can wheedle out any unnecessary components and your path will become more clear.
Break it down
When you are sure of what needs to be done rather than just adding it to your to-do list and leaving space for procrastination it's better to give yourself some clear steps to follow, preferably with deadlines attached to each step so you aren't doing the whole thing in one day if that is too overwhelming, or if it is the kind of task that requires focus and no disruption it may be better to look at your diary and see when you have a window for chunk time to assign it to.
Be firm and commit to the task
Think about the long term gains that come from completing this task, maybe it is a small step within a larger vision but thinking about it in isolation it doesn't seem as important but if you can flip your thinking to it being a step towards that holiday or getting a new car or moving your business to the next level the task suddenly has more importance and urgency.
Just start
Simply forcing yourself to take action is probably the most effective way to melt away those feelings of procrastination. Getting started with something is always the hardest part and once you do start you begin to realise it wasn't as hard or won't take as long or be as agonising as you first thought.
Be positive 
By addressing how you feel about the task can help get rid of that mental block. Tell yourself that by starting you are doing something positive and that it doesn't have to be perfect but to being and create a draft is better than doing nothing.
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