BCO Supports Local Job Club in Penwortham

Helen Livesey and Mark Willet - Penwortham Job Club
King’s Church welcomed Helen from the Business Clinic to its CAP Job Club in Penwortham . Helen presented Mark Willett the Job Club Manager with a laptop and software that will be used by the job club members to create CVs and complete Job Search and applications.
Mark commented. “The Business Clinics kind donation which enabled us to replace an ageing lap top was so timely. We also purchased Microsoft Office so members can access and create word documents for CVs, application forms and cover letters. Many members don’t have access to IT so depend on the club each week to update documents, print and access the internet through our WiFi network. “
The Penwortham Job Club is CAPs longest standing centre in mainland UK, and has been used as a training location for churches looking at setting up a centres in the NW.

King Church Penwortham Job Club

There are now 160 job clubs across the UK and NI. The club originally founded by Mark started in 2011 as a church based work club and has helped over 300 local residents make steps back to Employment since its launch. The club has a team of 9 volunteers including six coaches trained by CAP. 

Helen commented “ I really enjoyed visiting the Job Club, meeting Mark and the team and chatting to the members. It would be great for the Business Clinic and it’s members to be able to explore other other ways to help Mark and the team, for example to assist any job club members who may be considering self employment as an option, or offering work experience or mock interview. I was impressed by the commitment and dedication of the Job Club team who come from a diverse range of backgrounds who provide coaching, employability training and create a great community spirit.
If you know of anyone looking to get the right support to help them return to work please visit www.theworkclub.org.uk

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