Find the Power with Virtual ‘Peerworking’

Local Preston based Community Interest Company The Business Clinic Organisation are keeping its doors open (metaphorically) to provide support and guidance to the local business community through the power of ‘Peerworking’ online. The now virtual sessions will be held once a week on alternate Wednesdays and Fridays to allow people to keep connecting and communicating with each other and work on developing their businesses, whilst we all go through this difficult time.


Director Helen Livesey says, “Amidst the uncertainty, we are all facing in business at the moment, we realise how important it is for business owners to have a safe space to keep talking and continue to build their business with our virtual ‘Peerworking’ platform; they can feel empowered and motivated from the comfort of their own homes and be ready to face the world even stronger than before on the other side of this global pandemic”.

The Business Clinic feel that people may need ‘Peerworking’ now more than ever before, so from Friday 3rd April onwards they will be holding virtual peer-to-peer groups and maintaining the open, friendly and confidential format they are well known for. A space for businesses to come together online and talk about the real issues at hand and get real-time advice on decisions that will make a difference right now.

You can book your FREE guest slot at a virtual ‘Peerworking’ surgery via The Business Clinic website here or through Eventbrite.

It’s essential to our mental health and long term business strategy that we all keep talking but stay safe in these uncertain times. We are stronger together than we are alone.

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