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 I was assigned David as a mentor under the Boost Mentoring programme as I had expressed an interest in support in developing a service based business for fast scale growth through a license or franchise model. From the first meeting, it was clear that David understood my requirements and was able to help me not only in the initial areas I had expressed an interest in, but also in the wider development of my business.

Over the subsequent sessions we have covered a range of areas (which changed on a week by week basis as our company developed) - by the end of the sessions the value of the support that I had received was phenominal. I have tried to estimate the value of the contribution that David has made to my business, and while assigning a figure to this is difficult, it's certainly very high. The best thing about this is that in many cases David simply pointed my mind in the right direction for me to make the developmental decisions I needed to drive the business forward.

I leave our mentoring sessions with a highly valued diagnostic tool, better knowledge on how to license and / or franchise my business model, better sales advice and techniques, and a stronger strategic vision with the personal skills to deliver them. However, what really captures the value of the support I have received and the appreciation I have for this, is that I now have a series of extremely valuable new contacts with whom I would really like to develop some strong business propersitions.

I would highly recommend David and The Business Clinic for the fantastic services they provide, and thoroughly look forward to continuing and building our relationship on a professional / commercial basis. David's like a favourite book or film - if you only see him once, you're doing yourself an injustice - the more you meet, the more valuable the relationship becomes!

I am very much looking forward to seeing how our commercial relationship develops further.

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