To whom it may concern,

Our relationship with the Business Clinic team has been so valuable for SportsCool as we wanted to develop our Franchise model and didn’t know the best way to go about this. From the very outset, their consultancy and advice were crucial to where we are today. We are very proud to have an ever-growing franchising network and the marketing and sales of our business have been established by the Business Clinic to enable us to focus on our side of developing our brand.

The knowledge of the team within the franchising industry has been crucial to our success, and over our first 12 month period, we have been able to build our team to 18 franchisees. We understand there is so much work that goes on behind the scenes to get potential clients to meet us, and this is time that we simply would not be able to invest in, so having the Business Clinic working through this for us is paramount.

We take pride in having a family feel to our business, and the Business Clinic have a culture that is very much aligned to ours. The service provided is seamless and the experience and knowledge in all things business is so helpful for us. Within the education sector, we hear the buzz words “Above and Beyond” and our team try to use this in all that we do. This would definitely be the case for the Business Clinic team, as they are always on hand to help and give advice at any time of the day, even on subjects that aren’t part of the remit.

For anyone considering the potential of franchising their business, then I would strongly advise you to get in touch with the Business Clinic, as you won’t regret it. As we have found out in our short time in the franchising world, it is an industry out there on it’s own, so to have that guidance from specialists ensures we can concentrate on what we need to, without any added pressures.

Kind Regards

Matt Parker



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