Why Work with The Business Clinic

Testimonial by Andrew Leeming of Boost and CoAndrew Leeming Boost

The Business Clinic has been a Boost and Co partner for 5 years now and the reason we work so well together is because of our joint desire to support the local business community and ensure they have the right tools to achieve success on their business journey. Boost is Lancashire's Business Growth Hub, one of 38 across the country.

As well as being a proactive and supportive Boost partner David Nelson (Co-Founder and director ) is also a mentor within our Growth Mentoring Service, this is a voluntary position and has made a difference to over 20 businesses in Lancashire. His many years of experience in business and business consultancy, along with Helen and the rest of The BCO team, provide a confidential and supportive environment where business owners can pick up new skills, challenge themselves and grow at a pace to suit them.

The ‘Peerworking’ Surgeries are a particularly strong platform for business owners to gain new knowledge and share best practice with one another, here they can build a team of professionals who will support them on their business journey. These events are unique to our business community as a safe place where you can address your challenges and fears in business without judgment and go away feeling motivated and with a purposeful plan of action. This private activity is exactly the response that we want to support within Lancashire, we believe business SHOULD and WILL pay for support, but it MUST BE the right support.

The Team at the business clinic recognise the value of working in partnership and collaboration and they are joy to work with, purposeful, knowledgeable, insightful and challenging, we benefit from all their support and they help us become a better growth hub because of their commitment. I have no hesitation in endorsing their application, they totally understand the uniqueness of being in business and the need to find the right support pathways to help sustain, grow and amplify opportunity, more importantly it's not ABOUT THEM, yes they have skills, but they are confident enough to recognise where better skills exist and make sure their clients/customers receive the right support first time, this collaborative approach reaps its own rewards and this is reflected in how well the Business Clinic is respected within the business community and LANCASHIRE.


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