Peerworking Surgery FAQ's

Q What is ‘Peerworking’Peerworking FAQs

A ‘Peerworking’ is a concept that brings business owners together to share knowledge, experience, ideas and best practise for the good of everyone. The structure is designed to support business owners of all ages, shapes and sizes to get the most out of their business and support others to do the same whilst building a strong support network for the business community.


Q How do I join?

A To become a regular practitioner of the ‘Peerworking’ Surgeries it couldn’t be more simple, we have an introductory offer for new Practitioners which is at a cost of £25 per month for your first 6 months – Click here to sign up


Q As a practitioner can I attend both a Wednesday and Friday surgery?

A Yes, this gives you flexibility. You will nominate your preferred day of the week for regular attendance and we bulk book at the beginning of each year. If at any time you want to attend an alternate session just let us know in advance and we will be happy to accommodate you providing there are spaces left on that session.


Q Can another member of my organisation attend the alternate surgery to myself?

A Yes, you can send someone on an alternate day, however we restrict companies from having more than one attendee per session (unless it is their first time attending or bringing a new member of staff to introduce).


Q Is there a difference in the Wednesday and Friday surgery?

A No, just the day of the week, the format is otherwise the same.


Q Do I have to attend every surgery on my nominated day?

A No, you don't, as we have mentioned above you can swap between a Wednesday and Friday whenever you choose (we just ask that you make us aware).
In regards to regular attendance you aren’t obliged to attend every single session, we understand holidays, family responsibility and illness and life sometimes gets in the way and a little note to say you can’t make it is all we ask.

However, it is preferable that you attend as many as possible so that you receive maximum benefit from your Practitionership and take that much needed time to work on your business.


Q What is a Consulting Practitioner?

A A consulting Practitioner is a recognised expert in a specific field that every business will need throughout their life span, for example Accounting and Legal. They are present at the sessions to give their professional and strategic advice and are recommended by us as our trusted partners.


Q Do we have different consulting practitioners representing a Wednesday to a Friday?

A No, our consulting practitioners are free to join us across both days and there will always be a mix around the table to give that added value in their specialist fields.

If you are looking for specific advice from one of our Consulting Practitioners please get in touch and we can guide you as to which day to attend where they will be present, or we can put you in touch directly with the Consulting Practitioner in question for a no-obligation chat.


Q Can I send a substitute from my organisation if I cannot attend?

A Yes, please do speak to us in advance of arranging this and we can accommodate.


Q Can I attend a surgery alongside a guest I am bringing?

A Yes, anyone bringing a guest to a surgery is welcome to attend with them to make them feel at ease and welcome within the group.

Guests are more than welcome to attend by themselves as well, we always give our guests the warmest of welcomes (it’ll feel like they have known us for years).


Q What is a mini-workshop and what will I gain from attending?

A The mini-workshops are a new addition to our ‘Peerworking’ surgeries for 2020 and are closed for Practitioners only. These sessions will focus on key areas in business where we could all use a little extra support, such as sales, branding and reviews. They will be information packed with interactive practical exercises to demonstrate the learning, thus giving you the ability to implement a positive change in your business.


Q What is an Advice Clinic?

A Advice Clinic’s are free to attend workshops for the local business community and delivered by our consulting practitioners or a guest speaker. They are interactive, content rich and on a specific hot topic. Attendees always go away with hints and tips to upskill them in their business.


Q When I come to a session will I always be expected to give feedback on a previous discussion point?

A Feedback is an essential part of the process when it comes to ‘Peerworking’ as it gives practitioners the drive and accountability they require to achieve the goals they set with us from the beginning. However, we will never force anyone to feedback on a subject if they aren’t ready.

It is up to you to take the most you can away from these sessions and over the years we have found that giving those updates and sharing your wins enables practitioners to recognise their achievements and how far they have come with their business and be proud of themselves. If you would rather feedback to a BCO team member in confidence our door is always open.


Q Is it another networking group?

A Not at all! All of our practitioners do benefit from increased business and higher revenues from high quality specific business contacts being referred to them, but it is not our reason for existence.

If you would like any further clarification or have any other questions regarding our 'peerworking' surgery events please do not hesitate to contact The Business Clinic Team on 01772 367 367 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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